Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds

Three excellent finds (one purchased, two free and found completely randomly) mark the end of a truly exhausting work week.

- Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore - I am already about thirty pages into this one, and yet, I had to go back and review the title while typing this up. Why? Not because the book isn't a sheer pleasure to read, but because I never stopped to look at the title. I saw "Lorrie Moore" on a galley laying in one of our up-for-grabs boxes in the backroom and snatched it up before someone quicker and smarter than me could get at it.

- Impossible by Nancy Werlin - So, lightning does strike twice in one week, in the the same spot nonetheless. I have been considering Impossible for a while, but I just couldn't get off the fence of read/not read until it came out in paperback this week. So, I was considering buying the paperback, because I had heard really good buzz with the book, and it seemed like it could be up my alley

- Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform - I picked this one up right before his talk and signing at the store today. It appealed to me for two reasons: 1) It's a supposedly straight-forward, easy-to-follow take on the healthcare plan and 2) I could get it signed then and there. Maureen also took a photo of me with Dean (after I was too tongue-tied to really talk to him), which I will post ASAP.

Because I have two wonderful followers, I will go ahead and ask it anyway: In your mind, is there a perfect spread to a week's worth of book finds? Would it be nice to add a book a day, or maybe two or three good finds spread through the week? What's your ideal?

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Marie said...

A book a day would work for me!
I so want the Lorrie Moore! WANT!!!! :-) Good for you for getting that galley.